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SEO Tips

SEO Game Plan has provided this page as a guide for web designers and developers. These tips are geared toward those who would like to understand and practice good SEO techniques when addressing keyword usage, on and off page optimization.

SEO Tip of the Day:

1. Use Keyword in Title Tag
Place your targeted search term or phrase in the title tag of the web page’s HTML header. This is perhaps the single most important place to have your keyword. Try keeping the title tags between 6 t0 8 words at the most. Also, keep your keyword at the begining of your title tag.

2. Keyword in the URL
Sort discriptive URL’s help Serch Engines determine what your content is. Try using the keyword your are trying to optomize your page for in the URL. For example is a great URL is your page is about “SEO tips“. On the same topic, folders with short descriptive names are also a plus. Think of it like this. If you can read the URL and understand what the topic is, you are on the right path.

3. Keyword Selection (Keyword Research Tools)
One of the key factors in Keyword Optomization is selecting the right keywords. For example, many terms are highly competitive, and will be extreamly difficult to optomize and get serch engine ranking for. With that in mind, it is often a good strategy to do some basic keyword research, and choose a keyword that is a bit less competitive that the ‘top’ keywords. In order to do that, you will need a good Keyword Research Tool. Check out this FREE keyword suggestion tool from one of the most popular tools online; Wordtracker.  Wordtracker, is a pay for use keyword research tool with a subscription model, but you can utilize this tool for free. Choosing the right keywords to optimize your page for can be an extremelyeffective strategy. Remember; try focusing on a less competitive keywords.

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