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SEO Hosting

April 18th, 2008 by Craig

Choose a C-Class Host

Choosing a proper host should be the first step in your SEO GAME PLAN. Website owners are becoming more SEO savvy and more and more website owners are seeking SEO-friendly hosting. As a result, many providers sell hosting plans with multiple Class Cs, but they share IPs with multiple customers. Website owners need to watch out for this it can be dangerous for a website owner.  If a hosting fee for a Class C IP address seems too good to be true you may be getting what you pay for. For instances, if you get an IP from a Bulk hosting provider you maybe on an IP with 1,000’s of other website owners some could be “shady” and you run the risk of having the entire IP banned, instantly losing your search credibility.

It is best to go with a web hosting provider like SEO GAME PLAN which assigns each website account holder its own different Class C IP Address. Website owners who have multiple websites will benefit from SEO GAME PLAN Hosting because they can link each site to each other and receive credit from interlinking between the sites because they are on different Class C addresses.

SEO GAME PLAN observed that although only small percent of websites are on dedicated IPs, well over 80 (+) percent of the top-10 results in the search engines are sites having dedicated IP numbers. SEO GAME PLAN confirmed this by running a test that included moving a site from a shared IP to a dedicated IP and noticed “measurable ranking increases.”

About SEO GAME PLAN: SEO GAME PLAN is a Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and SEO Hosting Company— We are premier provider of Class C hosting and leader in SEO, SEM and hosting services. SEO GAME PLAN’s portfolio includes nearly 12 years of Internet development and marketing experience.

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Why SEO Starts with Web Hosting

December 18th, 2007 by admin

SEO Web Hosting is important for may reasons, but here is just one to consider.

So, you have your site hosted for just $19.99 per month, it’s the best deal in town, but is it? Along with your site, some bargin web hosting place has put your valuable domain on the same servers and IP address as several discreditied, or perhaps adult web sites. Do you share an IP adress with sites that live in a poor link neighborhood?

Why risk it? SEO Game Plan offers SEO Web Hosting with a unique Class C and IP address. Why start your site off on the wrong foundation?

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Press Release Distribution Service

May 24th, 2007 by admin

Search Engine Optimization with SEO Game Plan’s Press Release Distribution Service. 

The idea behind SEO Game Plan is that companies need an easy-to-follow strategy that guides them along the path of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  SEO is a process that involves multiple approaches.  Just as a table needs multiple legs to provide a stable foundation, SEO requires a multi-disciplined approach.   

Optimized Press Release Distribution Service as part of your SEO Game Plan.
It has been said that “links are the currency of the web” Gaining inbound links to your site is key to achieving higher page rank.  Recently, Google now place more importance on the quality or relevancy of inbound links.  Sites that are not relevant to your topic have no real business linking to you.  In the old days, you could buy an automated program to generate 500 links to your site.  The current search wisdom indicates we should place less relevance on links from “Link Farms” and place more importance on the credibility and theme of the sites that link to you.  It makes good sense. 

Links from on-topic, credible sources have inherent value.  Which would you prefer linked to your site: CNN News, or Harry’s Link Farm?  Based on the importance of who links into your site, SEO Game Plan advocates the issuing of Optimized Press Releases.  While many companies issue traditional press releases, our strategy involves increasing your Search Engine Visibility by getting your message in front of millions of viewers, while simultaneously creating quality inbound links to your website.  SEO Game Plan works closely with clients to craft an effective keyword optimized Press Release.  Our Press Release Distribution Service presents content in ways that create greater clarity for machines. Machines (like Google’s army of indexing crawlers) are looking for reasons to recommend your content in news search results. SEO Game Plan will optimize your content for maximum discoverability. Bi-monthly Press Releases will be distributed to over 100,000 media contacts, including: USA Today, NBC News, Fox, and thousands more. Different from traditional search, News Engines including Yahoo! News, Google News, Alta Vista News and MSN News give prime placement for Press Releases. Press Releases can include Images and Multimedia File Attachments.   This strategy sends your marketing message out for distribution on thousands of authority sites, which in turn creates quality inbound links from authority sites.  Some other key benefits of the SEO Optimized Press Release Distribution Service include:

  1. Reach: Reaches millions of Internet users directly
  2. SEO Benefits:  Generate quality inbound links to your website from authority sites
  3. Exposure: Raises search engine visibility – Press Releases are picked up and used on multiple sites
  4. Speed: Press Releases can often drive traffic to your site in just one day
  5. Credibility: Establish your site as an authority in your niche

Press Releases are categorized as News.  With approximately 75 percent of adults and teens are reading their news online, Optimized Press Releases are one of the best ways Increase traffic to your website, and is an integral part of a successful Internet marketing strategy.

Contact Us today to get started or for more information about our Press Release Distribution Service.

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Competitive Analysis Report

May 16th, 2007 by admin

Understanding What Your Competition Is Doing Online

Do you search for your company online at Google and Yahoo! and wonder why you’re not there. Then, you notice that it’s your competitors who have that coveted top 10 ranking. How did they get there? How can you get top ranking positions for your keywords? Let SEO Game Plan provide some clarity. Read the rest of this entry »

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