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Competitive Analysis Report

May 16th, 2007 by admin

Understanding What Your Competition Is Doing Online

Do you search for your company online at Google and Yahoo! and wonder why you’re not there. Then, you notice that it’s your competitors who have that coveted top 10 ranking. How did they get there? How can you get top ranking positions for your keywords? Let SEO Game Plan provide some clarity.

Our Competitive Analysis Report reveals WHY these sites are at the top of the search results. Top Search engine ranking is not a mystery. Understanding the elements that that go into achieving top search engine ranking is crucial in your quest for top search engine results placement.

Exactly how does your competition achieve its top ranking? Their strategy, tactics and other important factors are revealed with the SEO Game Plan Competitive Analysis Report. Is their site optimized? Do their keyword phrases they rank for appear throughout the body text? Do the keywords they are highly ranked for show up at the top of their pages, in the headings, in their Meta Tags, Title tags and in file names and site navigation? If so, then your competitors are utilizing some SEO tactics on their site.

By closely examining these top ranking sites, our Competitive Analysis Report gives a clear picture of exactly how and why these sites are on top, and provides a clear game plan of how you can do the same. A Premium Data Mining Service, SEO Game Plan’s Competitive Analysis Report offers in depth reporting and valuable information about the top ranking sites in your niche, and the factors that help move a site to the top position.

Cost of Report: $2,200includes the following:

1. Complete Keyword Analysis:
From suggested terms and phrases searchers use to find your site, to a complete list of the keywords currently being utilized in your competitors Pay Per Click campaigns, sorted by popularity and harvested into a single, powerful list.

2. Back-Link Reports; including

  • Anchor text analysis of the sites linking into your site
  • • Title of every page linking into your site
  • An Internal Linking Analysis of your site (Deep Link Analysis)
  • An External Linking Analysis (Back-Link Reports)
  • The total number of sites linking to your site
  • The number of unique IP’s linking to your site
  • The number of incoming links to the pages linking to your page
  • The number of outbound links from the pages linking to your page
  • PageRank (PR) of the pages linking to your pages
  • PageRank (PR) outline of your links
  • Titles of the pages linking to your site

We also provide these same reports for the top competitors in your niche. You gain the knowledge of understanding how they achieve their top positions. It’s an in-depth analysis of the Competitive Landscape, and another page in your SEO Game Plan.

3. Deep Link Analysis.
Understanding Internal linking structures, or how your own site links to your own INTERNAL pages is crucial to good SEO.

4. Forward Link Analysis.
Knowing who you are linking to (your link neighborhood) is very important. We examine your sites Forward Linking to analyze the type of sites you currently link to, as well as provide a list of important sites you should be linking to, to help improve your link neighborhood.

5. Keyword Authority Analysis.
We explore the top keywords within your niche, and examine who is achieving top ranking for those terms. Those sites also reveal a wealth of possible liking partners and linking strategies for you. Where do these sites get their “link juice’ from. You’re about to find out from this valuable report.

We run multiple SEO tools to attain this information, and provide a comprehensive report, along with one hour of consultation to explain the results. Finally, we craft the findings into an action based internet marketing strategy.

If you want to rank higher in the search engines, the SEO Game Plan Competitive Analysis Report offers you a complete and comprehensive report and action plan. Call us today at 410-823-5995, and so we can get started.

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